How to setup EpicFreeGames to automatically notify about free games?

Firstly, get the bot to your server.

Then, set a channel using the /set channel command. The bot will use that channel when posting free games.

And that's it! The bot will send the current free games to the channel you set. You can always test your setup with the /test command.

Having problems?

Check out the frequently asked questions or join our support server and we'll help you out!

Setting a role


You can set a role the bot will ping when sending the notification. Set it using the /set role command.

The role will also get pinged when using the /test command, so you can test if everything is working.

Changing the language


You can change the language the bot uses by using the /set language command.

Changing the currency


You can change the currency the bot uses by using the /set currency command.